Detect if app is installed from Play Store

Some people upload our apps to their apk websites and Google blames us for this issue and they limit our admob account. Can Solar2D detect if app is installed from Play Store in Solar2d so I wont show ads if its not installed from store ?

I never heard about adMob limitations because of this.
Are you sure it’s not an issue with the ads.txt?

Anyway, this client side check should work for your case:

If you are interested in using it, I can put my installer name plugin in the directory. It can be spoofed but most people don’t bother. It provides the vendor name. I never had a problem with Admob but Facebook kept blocking my apps for this same reason. Now I only show Facebook ads on Play store downloads.

Here is the plugin (let me know if you prefer I add it to the directory):

Here is how to use it:

 local ipn = require("plugin.installerName")
 M.vendor = ipn.getInstallerName()

And here are some of the values I get (I log them). Some I can tell what they are because I put them in those stores. But bemobi.fake, gamefun, lenovo, nearme, and PC for example I have no idea where they came from. is from the official Google store.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 5.24.23 PM

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