detecting a two-finger touch/hold on a complex scene

I have a scene with lots of containers containing all sorts of content - buttons, text, rects, etc.

I want to detect when the user has held a two-finger touch/hold for 1 second.
The touch/hold can occur anywhere on the scene.

But you can also tap on the containers and other UI bits to do things.

How are you currently handling touches? And, does the two fingers touch works simultaneously with the other touches, like you can press something while you do the 2 fingers action at the same time with the same fingers? (I guess no, but it is better to ask)

If you can also share a picture/screenshot would help understanding what you want.

I’ve only just written some basic debug event code. I’m trying to think of how it will work.
The containers do not contain buttons.
There are four operations that can happen.

  1. The container can be tapped.
  2. The container can be held 3 seconds
  3. The container can be dragged to a new position.
  4. I need to handle the two-finger hold.

I am thinking of using a transparent container covering the whole screen to handle the touch/hold.
But I don’t know how to handle all four operations.
No the two finger hold does not also do the tap or drag.

Use a runtime touch listener to trap two finger gestures (anywhere on the screen). You can still have touch listeners on individual objects. You then have to manage touch state so if the runtime listener is active then ignore object listeners and visa versa. That’s what I do in my games.