Developer tools Nintendo switch requested from nintendo developer portal

Hello, I submitted a request for the developer tools for nintendo switch from the nintendo developer portal. I there maybe someone who can send me to a download link?

If Nintendo approve you you can request access in the Nintendo portal.

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Thanks for your reply. I did that a week ago, but haven’t got answered yet. Should I do it again now that I have a solar2d forum account?

Like @SGS said, as far as I know, only Nintendo can give access to their own developer tools. If you are looking for Solar2D tools to develop for Switch, I believe that needs an approval from Nintendo first.

There is no Solar port for Switch yet and probably not until early/mid next year.

A solar forum account has nothing to do with Nintendo

Also just a small note and take it with a grain of salt since I read it in a forum. Apparently, Nintendo is not currently approving any more individual accounts for the switch. If you asked for approval as an individual and have a corporate entity, I would ask for approval through the corporate entity. Mine was approved in about 24 hours as a corporate entity a few months ago after sitting for about 6 months as an individual.

Thanks for your answers. My company was approved a week ago for the nintendo switch. At the developer portal you can apparently send a request to solar2d for the appropriate tools. This person also asked for it:

I thought there was a solar2d port for nintendo switch, but maybe I’m wrong then :slight_smile:

I’m a unity3d developer and I am trying out Solar2d. Unity3d can sometimes be a buggy mess, and solar2d looks clean and fast for 2d development.