Developing the Linux build of Corona

I got interested in using Corona again but not being able to use it effectively of Linux and using WINE really didnt sit well with me. So I left it until a fortnight ago I got wind of it being made opensource. 

This peaked my interest and I had some chats with Vlad and Coronarob and decided I would help to further the development of a native build for Linux. Here’s the show so far!

A little taster of the New Project functionality being coded into the Linux build.

That’s great, happy to have you contribute. We are doing some work on ironing out the Linux builds so it runs just like the Windows/Mac builds (how to setup video playback, optimizing Linux settings for best performance, etc.) We’ll share results.

Very exciting tho.

Nice!  I’ve been following the chatter on the Corona / Linux Slack channel.  Keep up the great work, it will be a lovely contribution to the community

Thanks, building for Linux should prove to be very valuable for Corona and other developers.

Some further progress made please do give it a watch and see where I am up to :slight_smile:

Wow, coming along great! You’re a Linux Hero.

It’s the first time I have done any application coding for Linux. So much of it is down to a load of reading and getting my head round how to write the code for it. Enjoyable journey though!

The New Project process is an enabler for linux users as the code was not doing that and I felt most users would not be so adept at pulling everything together manually. So I see this as major :slight_smile:

I think it may be a good time to produce a installer so that users can install it easily and get onto the road of using it on native Linux. No more WINE required!

OK now that the projects are being created from the New Project menu I have reflected the same operation in the linux build. Basically you create a project, set the options as required in the dialog screen. When the OK button is clicked the project will be created as per your settings and then the simulator automatically launches with the application running inside it.

Not very exciting as the simulator is running an empty file but it is running and that is the same functionality as the windows environment.

Only part to do now is ask the user if they would like to open the project in an editor and do some error checking as the whole thing assumes you haven’t done anything outwith normal flow.

Cancelling for instance.

Anyways back to it!

It’s really cool that you are working on this - keep it up and keep us posted!

Today I have resloved some issues with a fresh install in that it will create default folders to match with the default config of the application.

I have now got the application going back to the welcome screen if the user closes or exits the simulator.

I have build a deb package and included the dependencies requires to install the application. This has been tested on a fresh build of Ubuntu installed with minimal settings so as to get to the most accurate information of what is missing to get the application running.

Vlad and Coronarob have been given access to the .deb package to comment further on where to go next.

Have a great weekend guys.

New video up on the application installing using a .deb file :slight_smile: Check it out below…

I’m pretty much a novice when it comes to Linux, but I am both happy and excited to see people taking advantage of Corona being open source like this and making Corona more readily available for other systems.

Amazing work rcraig12, thank you for all of your hard work. I’ll try and make some posts on Linux work too.

I cant wait to try this rcraig12!!! Keep up the good work.

Hello, how to download your install package and test it?

I will have a chat with the Corona Labs team and see what the views are around an early alpha release :slight_smile:

OK after having a chat the team at Corona Labs are happy for me to post a deb package for you all to get a look!


Thank you very much! Very glad! I will test.  :slight_smile:

Worth mentioning this is far from a polished product. But will let you at the very least develop and launch the simulator within Linux.

Looking good! I can’t wait for the final product!