Director Error: failed to load module "menu"

I’ve just recently started messing with director class. I keep getting this error, I’ve tried changing my menu file name. Does anyone see an error in this code that I’m not?

module(…, package.seeall);

function new()

    local localGroup = display.newGroup();

    local startGroup = display.newGroup()


    local bg = display.newImageRect(“images/background1.png”, _W, _H);


    bg.x = _W/2; bg.y = _H/2;

    local title = display.newImageRect(“images/money.jpg”, _W, 132);


    title.x = _W/2; title.y = title.height;


    local play_btn = display.newImageRect(“images/play_btn.png”, _W, 75);


    play_btn.x = _W/2; play_btn.y = _H/2 + play_btn.height;

    play_btn.scene = “game”;



    local credits_btn = display.newImageRect(“images/category.jpg”, _W, 75);


    credits_btn.x = _W/2; credits_btn.y = _H/2 + play_btn.height; + credits_btn.height;

    credits_btn.scene = “credits”;


    function changeScene(e)

        if(e.phase == “ended”) then









    play_btn_addEventListerner(“touch”, changeScene);

    credits_btn:addEventListener(“touch”, changeScene);

    return localGroup;