display.safeAreaInsets does not detect android system UI bottom navigation bar

local t, l, b, r = display.getSafeAreaInsets();

It does work properly in simulator because none of them have Android system ui bottom navigation bar on the screen, but it doesn’t work on my LG K10 where it is on the screen.

I’m talking about the bar with < O [] symbols.

So I’m really having trouble setting up the safe area (I’m trying to do this for X days in a row, I think there should be a guide for this) because the display.getSafeAreaInsets() returns me 24, 0, 0, 0.

The top value for status bar is right (24) the left and right is allright too (0, 0) but bottom value is 0 regardless the on-screen navigation bar.

I think it is a bug. Also, how do you setup safe area? I love CoronaSDK for making games and I’ve used it for months and now trying to make an app with it and I am stuck at safe areas ;/

Thank you in advance.

Any updates about this bug?

Hello. Any update on that or any way to calculate the height of Android bottom navigation bar?