Does Corona/Solar2D have the ability to work with QR Codes in 2023?

Hi all,
I’ve been searching the forum on information about Solar2d/Corona being able to scan QR codes.
Most the posts/threads are over 10 years old.
Does anyone know the current status of corona’s ability to work with QR codes. Does such a feature now exist?

Q1) Can solar2d scan QR codes?
Q2) Can the QR code redirect to an internal .lua file within the app (I dont want to open websites) I want to scan visitor badges and have their “page” open in the app.


  1. You need a plugin to scan QR code, I have one that I am close to being done and Lerg has one as well one that has been around for a bit
    Documentation Spiral Code Studio

  2. QR code are encoded text, you can do what ever you want with them including open a scene in your app, joining a game, playing a song, etc

Yes I have an app which is published days ago on iOS and Android that uses Lerg’s QR Scanner Plugin

It was fun to create own QR-code generator… Lots of reading though :slight_smile: (I used old circa 2012 standard…) Since then it was updated a few times.

Does anyone have (for free of course) full document? For free of course :slight_smile:

creating your own engine is great
in .Net there is a free library to generate QR Codes

Personally I use this website which also allows web based free api, which you can embed in a webview

Google API also can do it. I guess there are hundreds of such APIs.

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