Don't update to Xcode 13.2, yet, if using facebook4a plugin for iOS

For iOS: it appears that something in the new Xcode 13.2 prevents Solar2D from finishing a Build for the facebook4a plugin. This also affects a few other plugins. I’ve already informed @vlads and @Scott, and I expect they’ll get on this pretty quickly. Otherwise, virtually anyone using the facebook4a plugin can never again create a build unless they revert to Xcode 13.1.

If you’ve already downloaded Xcode 13.2 as I did, DELETE it in Applications and then download 13.1 from this Apple link:

I’ve just tested this and it works fine with our latest Solar2D Build 3662, but you will just have to click YES on the “UNSUPPORTED IOS SDK Mismatch” alert after you start the build of your app for iOS.

NOTE: Vlad just informed me of another option: you can manually download Xcode 13.1 from And instead of deleting 13.2 if already installed, you can have two xCode’s simultaneously. You would just name the new one something like Xcode_13.1. Then, to use it, run comment:

sudo xcode-select /Applications/

At first this didn’t work for me, but then we found this to solve why:

This affected a lot more than just Facebook btw, but should be fixed in 3663. Just tested with Xcode 13.2.1

New build is out, finally.

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I can confirm the new build 3663 solves this problem.