Embedded provisioning profile missing from MacOS installer packages

Recently made a post here (https://forums.coronalabs.com/topic/76903-error-itms-90287-when-attempting-to-submit-pkg-to-mas/) about being unable to submit .pkg of my app to MAS-- the loader would keep telling me that entitlements from the bundle were missing in the provisioning profile.

Of course, I had checked everything at my end and the profiles were just fine. After two days trying to get this to work, I figured that an “embedded.provisioningprofile” is to be included in the .app before it is wrapped up into the .pkg and the submission was eventually successful when I manually added in the provisioning profile. 

Thought you guys would wwant to have a look at this because it seems that corona’s current process will fail to succesfully generate mac builds wherever there are any entitlements involved. 

Ps. Created this new post so that someone can see it-- the mac threads are quite dead so I don’t know if my previous post was seen by any of the staff