Error ITMS 90287 when attempting to submit .pkg to MAS

I had previously uploaded a build to App Store connect and my uses the game center entitlement which I had not included in the build.settings so the review staff asked me to correct that. 

I had since added the necessary entitlement in the build.settings and created a new certificate, provisioning profiles etc which I then used to generate a pkg for resubmission to the App Store. 

Now, when I select the pkg in the application loader, I get an error message which says that the entitlements from the packages are not present in the provisioning profile but this cannot be the case as I have selected the game center entitlement in the provisioning profile and deleted and created new profiles (and a fresh certificate too) just to be sure. 

I was reading in other places that in these situations it is necessary to add an embedded provisioning profile into the package but I don’t think there’s a way to do this in Corona yet. 

I am including an image with the error messages that I get and will appreciate some guidance on this. We are trying hard to push for a feature with apple and would really prefer to not miss the submission date of Jan 02 that we had committed to them. 



  • I have tried some of the more obvious and straightforward things that I could find by googling this issue-- have restarted my system, deleted and added back my certificates and profiles etc. 

  • My build.settings is practically empty and there are no problematic parts there as the app builds and works just fine. The only thing that I added to comply with Apple is this:

    macos = { entitlements = { [“”] = true, }, },

@Rob@vlads - any inputs, guys? I am not highly familiar with the use of codesign/productsign etc but if you reckon there could be a solution by building through terminal, I’d appreciate any help.