Error Occurred Importing Certificate to Local Keychain Store

When trying to import my certificate I get an error saying it won’t import to the local keystone.

An error occurred. Unable to import “iPhone Distribution: McCall Media Ltd (XCH2LZX24N)”.
Error: -25294

I’m working on a brand new MacBook Pro, with latest installation of all programs for the very first time this afternoon.

Have you followed the guide from documentation?

Yes to the letter.
The strange thing is, I gave up that evening, went back the evening after, repeated everything and I saled through no problem. In my head I’ve done nothing at all different. So I did deploy nicely an app to all 3 platforms. I’m checking tonight how they going as its been 48 hours. Only thing I’ve left to figure out is how to buy the plugin to remove the Solar2D splash screen on app load up.

It’s free. Just add it to your build settings

Oh is it… for some reason I thought it was paid for. I’ve 5 weeks to get ready for the next exhibition my business hosts, and to do another app for that. So will investigate. Thanks. x

It used to be a paid plugin, 99/year or something. But it was made free when Solar2d/Corona went open source.

Oh wow - thanks I knew I’d picked up that thought from somewhere. Thanks