Error while building HTML5

Hello! I am trying to build HTML5 files for my apps but it doesn’t seem to work.

I am receiving the following error:

Failed to copy C:\Users\AC\AppData\Local\Temp\Corona Labs\CLtmpa04092\webtemplate\html\index.html to F:\Software\Corona Built Apps\Game\index.html

I am currently using Corona SDK build 2018.3326 in windows. Is there a problem with my system or the version of corona I am using? Do I have to use the latest build to make it work?
Thank you.

HTML5 builds are not in a good shape as far as I know but @XeduR might know what’s up with that specific error.

Also, I’d suggest using Solar2D builds.

Alright, thanks for responding.

First thing I’d do is update to a newer Solar2D build, like bgmadclown already suggested. There could be any number of things wrong with a build as old as you are using.

Okay then I’ll update it. Thank you!