excludeFiles does not work using the latest Solar2D build

Hi there,

I made a new project with the latest Solar2D build. I want to exclude my folder no_incluir from my project root, but when I going to made the build there is a compile error like this:

ERROR: Could not complete build because there were compile errors in Lua file: C:\Users\Administrador\Documents\Corona Projects\Fill the Dots\no_incluir\Image Sheets\texture.lua

Why my project read the files into this folder if I exclude it in my build.settings file?

Please post your build.settings file here.

This is how I do it to ignore all 4x files in sub-folders of “asset”

settings =
    excludeFiles =
        all = { ....},
        android = { 

I’ve never tried to exclude Lua files. It could be that this has something to do with how Solar2D packages all Lua files to one file on build. If it has a reference pointing to each lua file that it is supposed to find, but by the time it gets to that point and the build system has excluded some of those files, that may lead to issues.

Now, I don’t know if this is the case, so I would recommend that you try building first without excluding any files/folders. If it works, great. Then exclude the current folder as you are doing now, but move the Lua files outside of it temporarily. If it still doesn’t crash, even better. Now, if you finally move them back to the now excluded folder and now the build process crashes, then you’ve found a bug.

If that’s the case, then I’d recommend creating a small project that demonstrates this issue (which shouldn’t be an issue) and then create a bug report in GitHub.

Thank you for your answers. I solved this issue.

I figure out that Corona read all lua files no matter if they are inside an excluded folder or not. So, the lua file into my folder no_incluir include some test codes but they have bugs. I fixed this solving those bugs.
Then, the result is this: Corona always was excluding my folder no_incluir, but in spite of exlude all their content it try to compile their lua files.