Facebook Login on iOS Problem


I am using “plugin.facebook.v4a” and facing issues with Facebook login (I am currently testing in Test Flight) on my Apple iOS device. This only happens if Facebook app is installed (if facebook app is not installed, facebook web-login works fine).

When trying to do facebook-login, it gets stuck at this page (see screen shot) and doesn’t go back to the app. This is the flow I am encountering :

My App -> Facebook Login -> Pop out window (screen shot) -> Facebook App Opens & I login -> Pop out window (screen shot)

My previous Apple app in Jun20 works OK. This problem not seen.

‘UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend = false,’ in build.settings has long been removed (I will create a pull request to update the docs later)

UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend has been depreciated.

Log in works fine so you will need to provide more details and the console output from your device. Add many print statements on the process so you can see what is happening.

After drilling down, this problem seems to happen when Admob plugin is included in build.settings

Issue report has been created : https://github.com/coronalabs/corona/issues/182