Feature Requests

Awesome software Matt. Here are some feature requests.

  1. be able to lock the screen. Sometimes I hold the ipod horizontally but the screen swithces back to portrait mode. It would be nice to be able to lock it and maybe even switch the view from landscape to portrait with a button.

  2. Wired mode. Communicate through cable. Sometimes I am in areas with no WiFi. It would be awesome to be able to still use Corona Remote.

  3. Switch the needle between all 3 axis. Be able to switch the needle display between any axis. It seems it’s locked on y when in Landscape and x when in portrait.

Amazing App. Thanks [import]uid: 8192 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 305930[/import]

  1. This annoys me as well. Im working on that!

  2. Unfortunately at the moment this is the only way it can work. I can only support what Corona supports. Bluetooth would be the ideal connection. If and when Ansca adopt new features I will look at integrating them as I did with the async http for a better connection.

  3. The needle? That is the compass, I added that in 1.1 It points to magnetic north. There is a demo on the website. ( if thats not what you mean let me know )

Thanks for the feedback!

Matt [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 20426[/import]

Some sort of joystick integration, you could have a few types such as a

  • D-pad Nintendo 8 bit style with jump and fire Btn,
  • Joystick with fire and jump btns,
  • Dual joystick etc
  • Left/right btn and fire and jump btns

Also since multitouch is not supported in simulator, that could be a great add on.

I also miss the feature of bluetooth or cable connection when theres no wifi available. [import]uid: 13560 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 24880[/import]

Hi amigoni

Ive released v 1.21 which now has a screen lock as you requested.

It will unlock in horizontal mode if the connection is lost, otherwise it stays in that configuration while the remote is running

Matt [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 25179[/import]

Nr one feature request for me would be either:

(multi) touch support for the screen
a virtual joystick.
I’m working on a platform game.

Is it possible to listen for keypresses in corona? That would speed up testing during development a lot. [import]uid: 5942 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 36071[/import]

There is an onscreen joystick that works in the simulator in the code exchange I did to help with simulating games.

For touch I need to rewrite the remote while will take time unfortunately, ive tried a few different ways with the current setup but the code was not meant for touch and its hard to get Corona working with it.

Its all to do with the connection and what gets sent, not each portion of a touch is read, only one every 30th of a second. If the remote only connects 15 times a second it can miss things such as the end of the touch. The current remote only transmits current info at the time of the connection and not what happens in between. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 38103[/import]

Any news on Windows support?

This would be so useful, meaning I would not need to render on Mac to test touch features etc. So useful as I develop on Windows machine.

Any idea of a timescale, or is it not being supported?

Thanks! [import]uid: 43961 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 41461[/import]

It should work on Windows but as far as I can tell it doesn’t. You can always try it with the latest build of Corona.

It seems that the async connection works differently in Windows and ive not figured out why I don’t get the same connection that I get with OSX.

Once ive had a chance to figure it out I will post and update. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 41513[/import]

Any update on ‘touch’ support?

-RD [import]uid: 7856 topic_id: 5930 reply_id: 43975[/import]