Flurry Now In Violation of Play Store Policy

I’ve started getting “Non Compliance” notices from Google about the Flurry plugin- specifically that it is collecting user data that is no longer allowed by their policy guidelines.
@Scott_Harrison Could you please update the Android version to the latest version of the SDK (14.0.0)? Google says that should clear up the problem.

Okay will do

The same for me.

Just updated the flurry plugin to 14 for Android

I have the most recent build of Solar2D and I am still getting this error for Flurry when I upload my .aab to Google Play. I even went so far as to remove it from my app in the build settings and build for Android but still. I guess the Plugin data remains in the background.

How do I fetch the most updated version of the Flurry plugin 14 for android?

Your app includes non compliant SDK version

Your app com.myapp.app version code 30 includes SDK com.flurry.android:analytics or an SDK that one of your libraries depends on, which collects personal or sensitive data that includes but may not be limited to Android ID, Advertising ID identifiers. Persistent device identifiers may not be linked to other personal and sensitive user data or resettable device identifiers as described in the User Data policy.

Starting from January 23, 2023 midnight (UTC), new app releases containing the SDK version(s) that do not comply with the User Data policy may be blocked from release. You may consider upgrading to a policy-compliant version of this SDK that does not include the violating code if available from your SDK provider, or removing this SDK from your app.

According to your SDK provider, you may consider upgrading to 14.0.0, and/or contacting your SDK provider to see if a suitable later version might be available. Google is unable to endorse or recommend any third party software.

Be sure to update every instance across all tracks. Beta, Alpha, internal testing, etc. They will keep flagging those versions.

Okay I will try that.