framework not found StackConsentManager (iosBuild)

Hei there everyone, hope you are doing fine!

I am trying to republish a game made with Corona in 2018.
I mostly got it now working on Android (waiting for PlayStore to accept the most recent version).
But for iOS I am unable to get the app built.

When building for Simulator I get this error:

“ERROR: Builder failed: ld: framework not found StackConsentManager”.

It is somehow related to the appodeal plugin(s) I think.
After removing the bidmachine plugin I was able to build but only if I choose to just show the app in finder, and NOT to copy to device.
I also saw some errors regarding arm64 (as I am building on a M1 Macbook).
Are there known problems?

Is there a step by step guide on how to update old apps? I would like to rebuild some more of my old apps as well, this would be very helpful…


Hei again.
In the meantime I was able to publish the Android version to the playstore and got it approved.
But I am still getting the mentioned error when building for iOS, and I have just tried it with the most recent build 2023.3696.

Any ideas where or what to check here?


Its me again.

I am still facing this issue and I pinned it now down to the appodeal plugin.
Removing the plugin.appodeal.base plugin makes the app build successfully for the simulator.
Am I the only one facing this issue?


Hi, I am having the same issue, but did not manage to make it work yet unfortunately. But yes, it is definilty the Appodeal plugin.