framework not found StackConsentManager (iosBuild)

Hei there everyone, hope you are doing fine!

I am trying to republish a game made with Corona in 2018.
I mostly got it now working on Android (waiting for PlayStore to accept the most recent version).
But for iOS I am unable to get the app built.

When building for Simulator I get this error:

“ERROR: Builder failed: ld: framework not found StackConsentManager”.

It is somehow related to the appodeal plugin(s) I think.
After removing the bidmachine plugin I was able to build but only if I choose to just show the app in finder, and NOT to copy to device.
I also saw some errors regarding arm64 (as I am building on a M1 Macbook).
Are there known problems?

Is there a step by step guide on how to update old apps? I would like to rebuild some more of my old apps as well, this would be very helpful…


Hei again.
In the meantime I was able to publish the Android version to the playstore and got it approved.
But I am still getting the mentioned error when building for iOS, and I have just tried it with the most recent build 2023.3696.

Any ideas where or what to check here?


Its me again.

I am still facing this issue and I pinned it now down to the appodeal plugin.
Removing the plugin.appodeal.base plugin makes the app build successfully for the simulator.
Am I the only one facing this issue?


Hi, I am having the same issue, but did not manage to make it work yet unfortunately. But yes, it is definilty the Appodeal plugin.

Have you made any progress here @zebi24 ?
I did not have too much time to look into this recently.
I am wondering if we are the only ones using the Appodeal plugin?
Or is the problem only happening to us?

Have you checked the recent appodeal plugin docs?
Things change.

Also posting here your build.settings would help.

Hei @CaseyFields , thanks for chipping in.
Yes, I did check the Docs, but they are pretty confusing, to be honest. (Should I use the beta plugin or not?!)
I started with the docs and then pieced together the rest via the forum.

My build.settings is pretty messy at the moment, as I build the app several years ago and I am now trying to republish the game. I am still trying to figure out, what can be removed and what needs to be added. Will try to reproduce the problem with a simple example app and post the settings here then.

Nevertheless, my question stays: Are you (or anybody else) using the appodeal plugin or do you only use one ad provider?


I’m using appodeal plugin.

Do not use the beta.

No update from my side, I was focusing on Google Play.
I would be very careful with Appodeal 2.11., specially on Google Play. I received a message from them to update to version 3+ (the beta version) in order to comply with the store policies.

Furthermore, with Admob switching to Admob Bidding, we should be using the Appodeal version 3.2, otherwise the revenue from Admob will suffer.