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hi guys i have a problem i’m sure someone has already considered this. and that is why I am addressing you. The problem is that :
I have a file that allows me to check the update of my application. it is not integrated into the application but once loaded into memory it downloads automatically.
however free hosting changes the link each time the file is modified.

does anyone know a place where i can keep the file and edit it without changing its url?

I would assume all file sharing services work the same.
You could opt for a fully free web host service instead, there are a handful out there. Just make sure to read their “fine print” to make sure you’re not breaking their policies and risk having the account closed.

Put it on something like firebase which is mostly free for low usage or better yet use firebase itself to hold the config.

Alternatively use some php to return config as a string that you can write to a file yourself after calling it with REST get.

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firebase is not free

Firebase is free, but obviously it has limits

Edit: I have used a Firebase across 6 different apps and have never paid for it. But I have never reached the limit of the free plan in terms of usage

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I currently use it for 6+ apps and max I’ve paid is 3 cents for storage for running full nodejs servers and firebase functions.

Paying for Firebase is one of those good to have problems, because it likely means you are making plenty more through the app(s).

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I want to put the file on github what do you think?
I will make sure that the app downloads it at each start.
That way I can modify this file as I want.
it’s a 6 byte text file, do you think github will be mad. Because I don’t know how many users will download it every day.

If the app was related to using Github then I guess it would be ‘OK’ while complying with the ‘GitHub Acceptable Use Policies’; in particular section 4 has the following bullet:

We do not allow content or activity on GitHub that is using our servers for any form of excessive automated bulk activity, to place undue burden on our servers through automated means.

On the other hand, if you’re using Github as a “file server”, while they may or may not take action against it, it would be frowned upon by some, and it really wouldn’t be the professional thing to do with an app published on the App/Playstore.

You might be better off using Google Drive, links do not change even after replacing the files with the same name. You just need to add “&export=download” to the shareable link for direct download (did not test programmatically.)