From The Blog: Corona Labs server outages

As many of you have discovered, there has been an ongoing, periodic server outage. Our team has been working hard to try and find the root cause, but the issue has eluded us so far.

We know this is not a physical server problem. We can access the server. It is a dedicated server, so no other traffic is involved. The server load levels, network bandwidth and such are well within normal operating standards. The website worker processes just start taking a very long time to complete starting around 6am GMT. The problem persists for a range of hours from a low of around 7 hours to a high of around 13 hours. After that the servers and services return to normal. This only manifests itself on weekdays and not every day.

We are in the process of bringing in some external expertise to help us diagnose and solve the problems.

Corona Labs is committed to solving this issue as fast as we can to ensure that you have a reliable experience when using Corona.

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