From The Blog: Google 64-bit deadline coming August 1, 2020

When Google started enforcing their new 64-bit requirements last year, they gave Corona developers an extension. New apps still had to be 64-bit by the deadline, but for apps currently in the app store, they provided an extension until August 1, 2020. That’s a little over three months away.

While most Corona apps are now in compliance, over 4,000 Corona-made apps are not and are in threat of being taken down on or after August 1. If you have apps that need updated. Get the latest daily build at

And update your apps sooner than later. This would also be a good time to disable the Corona Splash Screen. Make sure to include:

splashScreen = { enable = false },

in your build.settings file inside the settings = {} table to avoid any potential confusion with the app store’s current stance on the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.

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I have a couple but they were made when I paid for the adMob plugin. Difficult for me to update a couple of apps and pay $199 again.


If you don’t want to pay for the AdMob plugin now, then just wait a few more weeks and build again once the plugins are open sourced.