future support

I love Solar2D! :slight_smile:

but my friend said support is uncertain. Something about GL support.

if i publish a game in a few months - will it be supported in the future?

I have been using Solar2D since 2013 when it was called Corona SDK …
Those days nothing is certain, Any company could collapse anytime, just like MySpace when it was in its peak … the peak turned into a peek … then no one looked at it :slightly_smiling_face: … but lets just hope it doesn’t because for me, I make a living out of it, I love it, and i don’t want to learn a new language now … because i can make apps in weeks and bigger apps in months using Solar2D … and i have a block of stable code for almost everything

The best you can do is to support Vlad via its patreon account

… and pray :wink:

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*pray :stuck_out_tongue:

Things are going well and are expected to keep going well in the future. There’s Linux being added as an officially supported platform, HTML5 moving out of beta and Switch builds are being tested, so things are going well. Still, like @kakula said, there’s nothing absolute in the world and things can and do change.

@jason_bullen If you are referring to OpenGL, then Apple deprecated OpenGL ES for iOS years ago and it’s unclear as to how long it’ll keep working on iOS before it gets removed entirely. Solar2D can, however, use Apple’s Metal, so that’s already a non-issue.

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