game crashes after update to iOS 14

Hi all!

I get some emails from players they experience some strange behavior of my solar2d build game.
The game is very heavy on physics and is using a lot of masks and groups.
After an update to iOS14+ some players seem to have issues with graphics getting shown correctly, meaning masked images now appear as black squares and the game is crashing to home screen shortly after. The games last build was using version 3528.

Unfortunately when trying to build it with a new version of solar2d there are some bugs regarding the graphics placement for the gui and buttons. (I already wrote about those on the forums)

Is this happening to others too and a known issue with iOS14?

3528? How old is that build, must be at least a year? I think you just have to update to the latest Solar2D build, try to fix whatever other issues you might have with it, and then see if the physics/masks problems disappear. Hunting down strange bugs like these using a very old build doesn’t sound like the best way to approach it.

When it comes to the crashes, are you using Flurry or some other service to collect crash reports? Without any stack traces for the crashes it’s just a guesswork to find the root cause.