Glider debugger does not report errors in web listener

Glider is, IMHO, the best IDE available for Corona.

However, I have recently discovered that the debugger does not catch certain errors in a ‘web listener’. Can the developers fix this?

a=string ( b )   – this error is not caught in the Mac simulator. It should have been “tostring(b)”, but I just mispelled it.

a=array[b]    – if the value of array[b]==nil, the Mac simulator does not catch the error.

There may be other cases not caught, too.

When an error does occur on the Mac simulator, my code will function from the start of the web listener until the error occurs, and then WITHOUT any notification of an error, it will discontinue running any code after the error in the web listener. This took me a while to find, but it is a definite bug that the Glider developers should fix.