Glider Freezing

Glider has been good for quite a while, but I recently (last week?) took an update.

The freezing has started again.

Product Version: Lua Glider 2.0 201403101706

Java: 1.8.0_25; Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM 25.25-b02

Runtime: Java™ SE Runtime Environment 1.8.0_25-b18

System: Windows 7 version 6.1 running on amd64; UTF-8; en_GB (luaglider2)

User directory: C:\Users\martin\AppData\Roaming\luaglider2\dev

Cache directory: C:\Users\martin\AppData\Roaming\luaglider2\dev\var\cache       

Just had a 30 second lockup right now. uploading logs.

your upload logs process takes ages. no idea what you are uploading - had to cancel it.

if you guys could just find a way to determine what the thing is doing when it freezes, then turn that off - would be great.

and yet today it is fine :slight_smile:

oh i don’t know…

Hello prographodeveloper,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Do you still have the freezing issue? If so, how often does it happen? Also, please try this, go to tools->options->glider options->editor->and uncheck “do not copy files”. Please let us know if this helps.



M.Y. Developers

freezing here also.  Unchecking the “do not copy files” didn’t solve it.

Freezing here also. “Do not copy file” was already checked  and still freeze.

MY Devs, it is getting worse. It is becoming impossible to use GLIDER. It is freezing (no responding) almost every hour now.

Still does it for me, a couple of times a day.

It doesn’t make assumptions about internet availability does it?

I am suspecting it is freezing when the internet connection is poor. 

you guys need to move internet code to a different thread

I don’t think it is the issue. I have a reliable connection and Glider simply freezes and becomes a “Not responding” program.

We used to have problems with Glider regarding performance (it was becoming slow and started consume a lot of cpu). Now, it is a different problem. The problem simply stop responding.

btw - yes i have done this; tools->options->glider options->editor->and uncheck “do not copy files”


It becomes not responding every half an hour today. I reboot PC but still a problem.



There should not be any internet traffic after the first license activation. Are you having this issue on Windows 7 or are you using a different operating system? What version does it say for you when you go to windows->what’s new ?


M.Y. Developers

Windows 7.

                   Glider v 2.2.1

  • Fix potential memory leak.

Glider v 2.2

  • Update to Netbeans Platform 8.0.2.
  • Fix an error that occurs occasionally that can clear navigator screens and cause autocompletion to stop working.

Glider v 2.1.33

  • Improved disk storage options for database. Added a cache slider to fine tune performance. If you are experiencing performance problems, please go to glider options-> editor -> disable RAM storage.
  • Improved parsing speed.

Glider v 2.1.32

  • Fix NPE in debugger variables viewer.

Glider v 2.1.31

  • Fix breakpoints no stopping in libraries.

Glider v 2.1.3

  • Fix memory leak in source scanner.

Glider v 2.1.2

  • Add option to disable file copy before debug.
  • Add option to disable automatic insertion of require debugger line.
  • Add ability to sort by source/name.
  • Remove maintenence subscription checks. Glider updates will now be free.

Glider v 2.1.1

  • Update database implementation

Glider v 2.1

  • Update to Netbeans 8.0 and Java 8

Glider v 2.0.5

  • Add Calltable as alternative to callgraph visualization.

Glider v 2.0.3

  • Fix project tab resize bug.
  • Add more information in the documentation window popup in the autocomplete screen.

Glider v 2.0.21

  • Fixed possible deadlock in lua file parser.

Glider v 2.0.2

  • Possible fix for fonts and colors bug.
  • Attach debugger mode to debug embedded Lua runtimes.

Glider v 2.0.16

  • Fix for memory issue.

Glider v 2.0.15

  • Update database engine.

Glider v 2.0.1

  • Minor performance tweak.
  • Improved connection method to debugger to use less cpu.

Glider v 2.0.0

  • Added Integrated Glider Profiler featuring performance, hit counts, memory, and cpu profiling. More features to come.
  • Updated most Corona Autocomplete API’s, especially to support graphics 2.0.
  • Major performance improvements.
  • Major performance improvements.

Glider v 1.9.5

  • Fix Code folding issue.
  • Add @Deprecated to comment processor.
  • Deprecated marked functions now show up as crossed out in autocomplete.

Glider v 1.9.39

  • Update database engine to newest version.
  • Fix debugger not connecting issue.
  • Fix Gideros issue where files were not automatically getting added to .gproj file.

Glider v 1.9.37

  • Fixed Gideros not starting issue.
  • Added filename exclusion patterns for Gideros specific items.

Glider v 1.9.36

  • Fixed stuck progress bar.
  • Improved stub only parsing to include indexed words in project.

Glider v 1.9.35

  • Added clean and clean+build actions.
  • Upgraded database library.
  • Glider now asks Simulator for guessed keys from Autocomplete database.
  • Build button no longer shows the notification, instead an “open build folder” toolbar icon has been added.

Glider v 1.9.32

  • Added Beta support for Marmalade Quick and Love2D

Glider v 1.9.3

  • Added watch support. You can add watches by right clicking on a variable in the debugger variables view -> create fixed watch or by just creating a new watch from the watches view.
  • Removed the “filter view” in favor of watches. If you need to watch a variable for changes during debugging, please create a fixed watch instead.
  • Improved debugger variables view. You can now double click on a symbol in the debugger view to go to its declaration in the source.
  • Runtime symbol analysis for better code completion. If you are at a breakpoint Glider will analyze your local variables to make auto-completion more complete than ever before.
  • Expanding a variable in the debugger view will add all the entries to the auto-complete for that symbol.

Glider v 1.9.21

  • Fixed an issue where SVN was not detecting new folders.
  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete was not properly showing entries when inside brackets []
  • Fixed Gideros issue not connecting to device player.

Glider v 1.9.2

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Glider process from fully shutting down in win32.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented new external libs from being added to a project. This was strictly a front-end issue, existing projects with external libraries work fine.
  • Added custom gproj customizer for Gideros. This is a beta feature.
  • Memory leak fix in the auto-save controller.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented optional arguments from showing up in the auto-completion.

Glider v 1.9.15

  • Added a new lightweight scanner for those having issues with the current one. You can fid it via options->Glider options->Editor->“Scan only stubs”
  • Added option to limit nesting in the navigator panel
  • Added option to move the build folder.
  • Fixed file extension rename issue.

Glider v 1.9.1

  • Navigator Pane now has options to show nested functions, locals, globals, and table members.
  • Navigator Pane also shows private members with a lock icon.
  • Improved editor performance.
  • Fixed some tab insertion/deletion problems.
  • Improved code folding region detection.
  • Autocomplete on resources now shows thumbnail and image dimensions.
  • Greatly improved build performance.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause External scanning to get stuck.
  • Removed italicized highlights layer to save memory.

Glider v 1.9.09

  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar might get stuck.

Glider v 1.9.08

  • Added autocomplete to table based parameters.
  • Improved file synchronization during runs/debug.
  • RAM storage database now used by default. This should not be a problem for typical projects but if your project contains 100+ lua files or you have lots of files open you should turn off RAM storage via Glider Options-> Editor-> Use RAM storage.
  • Fixed an issue causing excessive lag in large (2000+ lines) files.
  • Re-added color picker.
  • .settings file now recognized.

Glider v 1.9.03

  • Debugger TCP buffer sometimes overflows when large object graphs needed to be sent. TCP connection was in non-blocking mode but we changed to blocking to ensure this does not occur.
  • Added exception handling to Corona SDK plugin. Runtime errors should now appear as they did before.
  • Fixed an issue where the computer name was used as tcp host instead of loopback.
  • Fixed an issue where the system plugins directory was not being updated properly.

Glider v 1.9.02

  • Improved scanning performance.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the progress bar to hang at 100%
  • Added option to fine tune scan level to balance speed vs accuracy. This can be found in Glider Options->Editor
    • Scan everything (Old Default)- will scan all lua files in the entire project. Sometimes this is the only way to be sure all globals show up.
    • Scan Main.lua + requires (New Default)- will scan main.lua and its dependencies. Some files will go unscanned if main (or its dependencies) do not explicitly depend on it. This is probably the most optimal setting.
    • Scan only current file + requires - This is the fastest option but will not scan files unless it depends on the current file. Very fast but probably incomplete autocomplete results.
  • Added option to reset scanner database in case it gets too large.
  • Fixed an issue where math.huge was not serialized properly and resulted in incomplete debug dumps.
  • Added warning if CiderDebugger.lua is found on the device.

Glider v 1.9.01

  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete database was not serialized/deserialized properly
  • Fixed a bug in the auto-save feature resulting in the progress bar freezing.

Glider v 1.9.0

  • Project Management. Manage multiple versions of your app easily. You can now separate resources from code allowing you to reuse as much as possible.
  • Improved autocompletion and documentation view. Go to window->Documentation viewer and click around your project. Documentation will be available to you at all times.
  • Live coding.
  • Glider Plugins Framework. Documentation on this coming shortly.
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes.

Glider v 1.8.8

  • New Luadoc View in Documentation Window. This view uses markdown to render your luadoc comments and updates much in the same way the web view does.
  • Usage Finder works properly.
  • Fixed Ultimote issues.
  • Callstack shows function names and jumps to function call lines.
  • Fixed an issue where the instant renamer renames too many things.
  • Metatable inheritance works better now but requires —@DeepInspect luadoc to be present to tell IDE to “run” the function each time its called.
  • Support for changing font size while using custom skin.
  • New Blue Light theme.

Glider v 1.8.7

  • Added support for enumerations in autocomplete.
  • Fixed scenarios where the application did not fully exit.
  • Added support for [=[string literals]=]
  • Added support for parameter type guessing in autocomplete.
  • Added standard Lua keywords to autocomplete.

Glider v 1.8.6

  • Fixed some threading issues leading to inconsistencies between project tree and configs.
  • Callstack shows right information.
  • Fixed various issues with the build system.
  • Fixed an issue where the project icon was not updating.
  • Fixed an issue where library globals were not being properly imported.

Glider v 1.8.56

  • It is no longer possible to override project files from Libraries. Only possible to add additional files.
  • Made project icon a bit bigger.
  • Fixed Project view bug after deleting file.
  • Fixed a bug with the project configuration build order overriding Libraries with Autocomplete stubs.
  • Fixed occurences finder within tables.

Glider v 1.8.55

  • Instant renamer working.
  • Persistent database. Source scanning happens once.
  • Much improved source scanner performance.
  • Goto declaration goes to implementation first. Invoking goto declaration on the implementation location will go to the declaration instead.

Glider v 1.8.5

  • Memory efficient indexing and source scanning.
  • Improved Source scanner accuracy.
  • Improved IDE documentation viewer window.
  • Breadcrumbs feature.
  • Code Block highlight feature.

Glider v 1.7.97

  • Basic mouse hover over variables can show values inside tables.
  • Autocomplete shows suggestions for requires.
  • Better unification of parser and project manager.
  • Instant renamer can rename string literals and within comments.
  • Output window pops up when error occurs.

Glider v 1.7.96

  • Basic mouse hover over variables can show values if in scope.
  • Autocomplete now groups by semantics.
    1. Local variables in immediate scope
    2. Local functions in immediate scope
    3. Local variables
    4. Local functions
    5. Global variables defined in current file
    6. Global functions defined in current file
    7. Library variables
    8. Library functions
    9. Lua Keywords
  • Delay based autopopup autocompletion. Go to options->Editor->Code Completion-> Select Lua in Language Dropdown.
  • Added Toggle Comment to Customizable toolbar menu.
  • Added Instant Renamer to RMB context menu.

Glider v 1.7.95

  • Autocomplete now does spelling based suggestion if no suggestions are found. Spelling based suggestion mode is denoted by a checkmark icon.
  • Coroutine debugging support. Breakpoints should now work inside coroutines.
  • Moai coroutine/thread debugger support. Known issue: first line of Moai thread will not break at breakpoint.

Glider v 1.7.93

  • Implemented configuration import feature. You can now import any configuration of any opened project.

Glider v 1.7.92

  • Project icon is changed based on alias/enabled flags.
  • Project icon is shown instead of lua icon in files’ tab in editor. This should track the project icon selection.
  • Added Code Insertion feature to configurations. Now you can set globals in main.lua based on a configuration basis. This will prevent code duplication in main.lua using alias/disable method.
  • Added file filters in configurations. You can now filter out files you don’t want to show up in the build.
  • Added track global SDK selection in options.

Glider v 1.7.91

  • Added build all button.

Glider v 1.7.90

  • Add to live code action. Right click on an element and click “Add to Live code” to interactively add livecode variables.

Glider v 1.7.89

  • Usages Finder. Right click on an element and click “Find Usages” to see where it is used.
  • Ultimote window uses less space.

Glider v 1.7.87

  • Configurations toolbar on the left of the build button allows quicker selection of configurations.
  • Opened projects displayed when adding libraries. Makes it very easy to set up configurations.
  • If multiple configurations are present then the Project node will display which configuration is set.
  • Changed definition of Library vs Project. Library is any folder, Project is a folder with a main.lua file. Both libraries and projects can be added as dependancies.

Glider v 1.7.85

  • Configurations support. Properties has been removed in favor of Set Configuration->Customize.
  • Configurations store everything about the project. External libraries, Aliases, Disabled files.
  • Configurations can be cloned to easily create new configurations with small modifications from its parent. An example could be a “Paid version” configuration and a “Lite version” configuration. Both can have aliases for icon_free and icon_paid to icon.png but each configuration disables the relavent file.
  • Import configuration feature is not operational yet but will be soon.
  • Aliases are now represented as file folders. Simply create one alias and drag other files into it to set aliases. Drag files out of the alis node to remove the alias.
  • Alias node will tell you the state of the alias (ie conflicing or disabled.)
  • Fixed lots of bugs in the build system.

Glider v 1.7.8

  • External Library support. Right click on a project->Properties to add external libraries. Each library can be given a relative path to which it will be copied upon building.
  • Aliases support. Either right click on a file and go to properties or go to window->properties. You can set the filename alias from here. Files are renamed to their aliases in the build directory. To restore name, right click the alias and click Restore Default.
  • Enable/Disable file. Right click on a file and you can choose to enable or disable it. Disabled files are deleted in the build directory.
  • Build support. External libraries are now copied into the build directory. Press the build button to take you there. External libraries are merged, aliases applied, and exluded files are deleted.
  • Live coding. Activate via window-> Live Code. Insert these comments into your lua source to control a variable or call a function. Acceptable types are
    • number- a spinner object will be shown and you can change the value with the mousewheel.
    • string- a text field entry will be given or you can supply choices like string(“choice1”, “choice2”)
    • bool- a checkbox is displayed
    • color- RGB values can be edited in realtime with the provided colorpicker.
    • @livecode sometable.somekey = number
    • @livecode sometable.isEnabled = bool
    • @livecode sometable.myName = string(“joe”,“mary”,“jane”,“jimmy”)
    • @livecode sometable:setSpeed(number,number)
    • @livecode sometable:setColor(color)
      Note: These comments must be located AFTER the variable in question is declared. The build system will replace these comments with livecode variables.
  • Individual projects may now have their own SDK selections. Right click on a project node->Properties->SDK selection
  • Symantic highlighter- Globals defined in this file are in green. Globals used in this file are italicized.
  • Instant renamer- Highlight a local variable and type ctrl-r. You can then instantly rename it while respecting scope.
  • Better fonts and colors support. Many Java fonts and colors should map propertly to their Lua counterparts now.

Glider v 1.7.2

  • External Library support. Right click on a project to add external libraries. You can also open them by right clicking-> Open required.
  • Custom Icon. If a project has “icon.png” or “Icon.png” a 16x16 thumbnail of that image will be used in the projects explorer.
  • Goto Declaration on requires. You can now Ctrl-Click on requires will open the relevant file.
  • os.time() no longer complains of a required parameter.
  • Be aware that from now on a new file GliderProperties.proj will be created to keep track of project properties. In no way should this file effect your project.

Glider v 1.7.15

  • Autosave+Backup feature under options->Editor->AutoSave. Autosaves every X seconds and saves up to X copies of backups.

Glider v 1.7.11

  • Fixed bug that blocked usage with Lime.

Glider v 1.7.1

  • New fuzzy autocomplete queries. Uses a mix of camel case and regular matches. Try it out. Type dispnemb or dnE and see the result.
  • Inherited table fields should now appear properly.
  • added object:addEventListner.
  • updated widget library.
  • added sqllite3 library.
  • added lua keywords to autocomplete list.       

Still freezing randomly here. Sometime i have a break of an hour, sometime it freeze 3 times in less than 20 min. Simply useless!


Thank you a whole bunch for uploading the logs. Some of them contained memory dumps that are helping us pinpoint a strange issue we are working with the Netbeans team to help us fix. The upload was not small and we appreciate the patience for letting it finish.

Will keep you updated with the progress on this issue.


M.Y. Developers

any progress? i much prefer glider to zerobrane but it needs to stop hanging, and the crazy thing is, it used to work perfectly.


Is there an older version of glider available.

The freezing problem did not occur a year ago in that frequency.

Just reinstalled everything and it keeps hanging.

The method of shutting down Glider in the task manager is getting a daily ordeal.



Hey everybody, i was having a headache with Lua Glider yesterday, navigator was really slow since we added a lot of files to our project, so today i decided to try and fix it myself. My problem was that Glider was using Java 1.6 instead of a newer one, since i have multiple java installations.

I’m running Glider on OSX 10.10.3. What i did was i opened package contents, to modify it’s Java configuration. The configuration file is located inside the package, at Contents>Resources>luaglider2>etc>luaglider2.conf

I opened the file and changed some settings, like memory, (Xms and Xmx to 512 and 1024) which had almost no effect, but then i noticed that the “jdkhome” variable was pointing to a local JRE that is bundled with Glider, which seems to be a 1.6 JRE. I opened a terminal and ran /usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7  to see if i had 1.7 installed, and i did. it returned “/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_67.jdk/Contents/Home” in my case, so i just replaced jdkhome with that, restarted Glider, and it now runs smoothly.

I have not tested with a newer Java version, seems I/O functions on 1.6 are not optimized. Here is what my conf file looks like now: