Glyph Designer/ TextCandy

Does anyone know the state of these tools/ libraries? Anyone know a good way to do bitmap fonts in Solar2d?

I used to use them way back in 2014 but now I can’t find any info on them.

I will choose to go to GDM or Itchio to find beautiful bitmap fonts and buy it.
Using pictures to express text will be more sincere than using fixed fonts produced with tools.
At least the damage or recovery values ​​​​of my game battles use picture numbers to show a cool feeling.

I don’t think Glyph Designer’s website is functional anymore. I remember having issues with trying to download the tool a couple of years ago. Their forums have also been completely inactive for several years.

TextCandy should still work, though it may require some updates to its code. I’m personally not a fan of TextCandy or ParticleCandy as they are fairly bloated and cumbersome to manage.

I’ve used AngelCode’s bitmap font generator, but I’m sure there must be fancier ones too.