Gobbledygook Google AdMob Email

Email from Google AdMob today:

Dear Partner,
In Q1 2024, Google is launching support for programmatic bidding on inventory eligible for Limited ads


And on and on this unintelligible email goes with the usual no reply email address.

Gobbledygook: language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of technical terms.

Honestly, Google, I’ve been ignoring your consent GDPR popup on my AdMob console too. I’m just a humble programmer. I don’t understand your email. I hate Google AdMob - they keep poking me to do stuff that I don’t understand. Time for a new ad provider. Or busy myself trying to get a handle on their advertising gobbledygook speak and get a handle on it. PITA they are.

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I’ve just noticed a thread on this. I’ll take a look at it. Give me strength… :open_mouth: