Google billing IAP problems...

I changed to the new plugin recently - many of my games have had billing before, and even though very few purchases, I haven’t seen a problem.

Now I am getting every purchase that is not consumable being refunded in 3 days. I thought I was unlucky but it kept happening so I looked into it - it seems the purchase needs to be acknowledged.

I use; store.finishTransaction(event.transaction) to do this - I thought this was what I was supposed to do???

Can’t see any problem - does this actually work?

There is a thread regarding IAP Badger and the new Google billing API that has some advice from @troylyndon that might be relevant to your situation:

Yeah I had already read that. I run finishTransaction on every call to the transaction callback, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Also reading through this whole thread is very confusing.

Does anyone have a simple working example using google billing plugin?

I still have the “” permission - is it important to remove it or is it just unnecessary?

Can you please include the billing code to have a look?

I am now using the updated iap_badger code that colinmorgan posted in the other thread. I am waiting to see if it still has the problem - non-consumable purchases get auto refunded after 3 days - google says this happens when a purchase is not ‘acknowledged’. All my code has always called ‘finishTransaction’.

All my consumable purchases work fine, just the non-consumables - I am losing money!

This is since changing to the new billing plugin - is anyone successfully using the new plugin for non-consumable purchases? Is the creator of that plugin around anywhere? Where can I contact them?

This is very hard to test - everything seems to work fine and then 3 days later is gets refunded.

@joelutting sorry for the late reply. Regarding your observation that “everything seems to work fine and then 3 d ays later it gets refunded.”, is this on iOS or Google Play? If Google Play, what does your “Order Management” page show? Does it show the purchase as “Charged” and then later who the purchase “Refunded”? I can confirm that all of my “non-consumable” purchases work and are not refunded.

Yes using colinmorgans code for the iap_badger my purchases are now working - all tested with real purchases. This was android.

Still having billing problems. I have been monitoring this for the last few months. I don’t get many IAP, but it really seems like there is still some problem and I don’t know where to look for a solution.

Here is an image of my billing records from google play.
You can see my older game ‘Fabian Galaxy’ has 2 purchases which went through no problems. This game has not been updated in a while and still uses the old billing lib. The other 2 games use the new one, and you can see so many problems with the purchases.

Does anyone have any idea where I can look for solutions to this? Is anyone else seeing this on their IAP with the new billing lib?

I just went through my last 1,000 purchases and I’m getting about a 5% “declined” rate- more like 3% if I remove the instances where it is obvious it was the same person trying a purchase a second time after their first one was declined. “Canceled” is below 1%.

So, yeah- your declined and canceled rate seems very high, but I don’t think it can be directly attributed to the new API-- I haven’t seen any weird spikes in charges not going through since I switched over at the end of October. Unfortunately, you’ve got a small sample set, so it’s hard to know if there’s an implementation detail somewhere that’s causing this, or if you’ve just had a run of bad luck with players who change their minds or have bad credit.

I noticed that the only purchase that ever goes through is Remove Ads. Have you made sure everything is set up correctly on the Developer Console side? There are some Play Store links that might be helpful in this Stack Overflow post:

further down there are purchases in in app currency that have gone through. I’m becoming more sure that something is wrong as all purchases from my old game go through without a problem (and always have), its just the 2 new games that seem to have constant issues - and also more purchases.

I’ll read through that link, thanks.

If orders are not completed properly they will show as refunded. Cancelled and declined simply means they players that have expired credit cards, no balance on their accounts, etc.

I have a lot of purchases using the new library without any issues - I don’t use any iap_badger though.

maybe I should not use it then. Is there a complete simple example anywhere that shows the process with the new billing lib?