Google billing v5 ?

Hello, I have received a message in my box mail of Google Play Console telling me that :

“As of August 2, 2023, all new applications must use Billing Library version 5 or later. By November 1, 2023, all updates to existing apps must use Billing Library version 5 or later.”

Me I actually used google iap billing v2. I have attached an image below to show that.

So what to do now ? Who will implement this ? When did will be the update for Solar2D ? How to do the the future ? Just writing in the plugins sections ?

Thank you.

(Abandon des versions de la bibliothèque Google Play Billing  |  Système de facturation de Google Play  |  Android Developers)

google iap billing v2 uses billing 5.0.0

Edit: google iap billing v2 is just the Solar2D plugin name and is not meant to tie to the Google Billing Lib version

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Hello Scott so there are nothing more to do to use the google iap billing v2 ?

Thank you.

If you’re using billing.v2, you might be getting that notification because an old .aab (or .apk) in an alpha or beta track has the older version of billing.

Hello, thank you for the answer and for all of us.


@Scott_harrison. sir, I continue to get these same warnings from google and google has removed an app or so of mine for this issue … but I have never used that plugin, since my apps are free and only use appodeal-ads. I am not sure how they determine that my app needs to update the version when I am not using it in any capacity. Can you tell me am I required to include this plugin anyway in all my apps going forward? Is it somehow compiled into the build automatically? So would simply updating my app with the newest solar2d release fix it?


I’m not sure why you are getting that error if aren’t including it. I would ask google support on this

I think the same - I will try their support - but they are seldom helpful