Google Licensing V2

Any word when google licensing v2 will be added? (currently running build 3582)
Assume it hasn’t been already as all a bit confusing now with the switch to solar 2D and the new forums.

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(My response is …) Not exactly on topic, but since you mentioned it…

What specifically about the new forums are you finding confusing. Maybe we can help clear it up?

Well more concerned about finding a solution to adding in google licensing v2 issue as strange no other devs posted solutions this as quite a few are on google play pass, but as to the forums no real concern (it was in reference to overall switching from corona to everything solar2d), however would be nice to see the year next to postings instead of only day/month as sometimes not obvious from which year(edit: see this has now already been added, cool). Also a minor (probably unavoidable) issue when searching online for solutions, anything corona sdk related usually prompts to solar2d forum and then need to key the whole search request in again. But so as to remain on topic, would be nice if there is more info on google licensing v2 or how to implement it as I have seen other related posts about it with no solutions.

Just a friendly piece of advice: please format your posts.

When your entire post is just one large paragraph and you jump to and from different issues, it becomes difficult to keep track of what you are saying or what you need. This is especially true when you have sentences that span 5 lines.

Also, the full date is available on the posts. If you don’t see the year, like with this thread, it just means that it was published this year. For threads/posts that are dated before 2020, you’ll see the year as well.

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please stick to the post topic which was very clear what I was asking about in the first post.

I am not aware of Licensing V2. You can check out this doc on how to implement the current licensing library.

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Hi. I didn’t answer this part of your original post because I wasn’t sure what you meant. You didn’t provide any link to clarify what you were talking about.

  • Are you talking about using an existing feature that is not working the way you want. If yes, link the docs page.
  • Are you talking about an existing feature that is old and needs an update? - If yes, link the docs page.
  • Are you talking about a feature that isn’t in Solar2D at all but which you read about somewhere else? - If so provide external links so we can see what you mean.
  • Are you talking about something else entirely? - If so, please elaborate and provide links to material that explains the feature you are asking about.

I know it is clear to you what you want, but often times it is less clear to the readers who don’t have the same context as you.

I think, at this point, that you meant: “When will this feature:, bet updated to V2 (link would be nice)?”

I tried to respond to this, but may have been unclear in my response:

[quote=“vdvgames, post:1, topic:351583”]
Assume it hasn’t been already as all a bit confusing now with the switch to solar 2D and the new forums.[/quote]

yes Scott, thanks, I was referring to , being updated to V2.

Hi, I am trying to implement the licensing for google play pass as well.

I have checked the link, but still not sure if it has been updated to version 2?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Nob_Studio
Today I was invited to include one of my premium apps in Google Play Pass. I just received the invitation email from Google. Were you able to implement the licensing for Google Play Pass?

hi, yes with help from Vlad. He is very kind to help make a plugin for licensing 2.0
you should contact him as I am not sure if more is updated for the google play pass requirement.