Google PAD for large games not working?

A couple of our games are well over the limit for Google Play and have used PAD before and this was all working fine, however we now can’t submit updates for them as the “upfront asset packs” are too large, which would presumably not be the case if the PAD stuff was working.

Has anything changed with them in the last 6 months or so that I’ve missed?

To clarify, we have licensing set up and usesExpansionFile set to true and this has worked before, it’s just not now.

nothing changes, you know that. things only get more broken (recently based on the increase in forum posts).

what is your aab size? and of that what is texture size?

you could probably resize your assets by 50% and let the GPU upscale.

The game is just over a gb after optimisations. We could reduce further but I don’t really want to as it was working before and I like not doing work.

Time to do some work…

But presumably it was fine before as this game has been on the store for a couple of years so it was in the limit of #3

Unless of course when I originally submitted it I excluded some files by mistake and then since added them back in again without remembering ( which with my memory is entirely possible )

AFAIK, for simplicity, Solar is simply using install-time. This has always been a hard limit so to speak.

I think I may have originally excluded a bunch of stuff in the previous builds that I must have forgotten to exclude this time.