Google Play warning about out of date Play Core Library

I’ve gotten an email from Google recently with the following message:

Google Play Core ( has added this note for SDK version 1.10.3:

Update your Play Core Maven dependency to an Android 14 compatible version! Your current Play Core library is incompatible with targetSdkVersion 34 (Android 14), which introduces a backwards-incompatible change to broadcast receivers to improve user security. As a reminder, from August 31, Google Play requires all new app releases to target Android 14. Update to the latest Play Core library version dependency to avoid app crashes: Overview of the Google Play Core libraries  |  Android Developers

90 days after releasing this version of your app, you won’t be able to release new versions containing this SDK version to production or open testing.

After doing some digging, it seems that the Play Core library that Solar2D uses is out of date, and that the latest version has been segmented into 4 different libraries each of which are responsible for their own features (see Overview of the Google Play Core libraries  |  Android Developers).

Does anyone know a fix for this, or if there’s a fix at work in the Solar2D pipeline? Thanks!

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Taking a reference from the previous updates that had deadlines like this, it will probably be implemented somewhere around August but @vlads should know better.