GPGS saves in Google Play Games app

Hello guys!

I have a newbie question about gpgs saves. I’ve implemented the save system, all work fine: my game creates snapshots, send them to cloud, loads them. But there is no any saves listed in Google Play Games app. I have no leaderboards and achievements yet, so when I tap on the game icon in the app, the only thing I see is the game title and a featured banner. But as I’ve seen in youtube tutorial made by google there should be a list of saves (at least one item) with a thumbnail (an image provided in by “image” key) and some info: a playtime and a progress. I attached a screen from that video.


But I have no such elements, the list is empty, there is no any thumbnails or save descriptions in Google Play Games app. Nevertheless cloud saving is working fine in the game itself:) So saves are in the cloud, but not displayed for players GPG app. May be somebody know why the list of saves is missing:) Here is my code for snapshot saving:{ snapshotId =, description = "Game progress", progress = game.stage, playedTime = game.playTime, image = {filename = "art/snapshot.png",baseDir = system.ResourceDirectory}, listener = function(event) -- end })