Graphics 2.0 Public Beta!

The public beta of Graphics 2.0 is now available for Pro and Enterprise subscribers to grab and start playing with.

The G2.0 daily builds will be available on a separate download page from the normal daily builds.  You should continue to use the normal daily builds if you plan to release app as the G2.0 is still in an early beta state.

See the following links for more information:

Walter’s Blog post:

The G2.0 Daily Builds page:

The G2.0 Guide:

Thanks for everyone in the Corona community that played with alpha versions before today’s Beta — you really made a big difference!

Yay! :slight_smile:

Congrats to the Public Beta!

Hurrah! Now to see what everyone makes with it, can’t wait to see!

Thank you Corona Team! 

Time to check out the awesomeness  :slight_smile:

How fun! Really looking forward to test this.

Congratulations on this milestone!

Looking forward to seeing screenshots of all the new awesome apps!


Is graphics 2.0 daily builds based on ‘corona sdk daily build’ or recent public release?


Graphics 2.0 is a brand new shader based engine with a lot of new functionality that does not exist in Graphics 1.0 (Official Daily Builds and Public release). As an example, with Graphics 2.0 you can create 2.5D games which you can’t do with Graphics 1.0.

The engines are completely different, however most of the underlying API’s for both are the same. There are a few important differences as described in the Graphics 1.0->2.0 Migration document.

Please remember that Graphics 2.0 is currently a beta release, meaning that there are some things that might not function properly yet.

I can’t seem to find where to download a Graphics 2.0 build on the G2.0 Daily Builds page:

Scroll down before the list of daily builds and you should see this text:

Enterprise and Graphics 2.0

Corona Enterprise Daily Builds are available here.

Graphics 2.0 Daily Builds are available here.   <--------------------- click on that link.

Yes, I am on the Corona Graphics 2.0 Daily Builds page but there is currently no download link just sample code,. feedback, docs and known issues links…


You should be seeing something like this.    The links are over there on the right    --------------------^----------------------^


This is what i see. I believe from looking at you posted image that “The content access permissions need to be rebuilt.” Can you please resolve this issue?

The “content permissions” shouldn’t have anything to do with you seeing it.  I’ll ping engineering to see if they can look into it.

I have a noob question here:

The normal daily build has no Graphic 2.0. Am I right here?

If I want to use the Graphic 2.0 I have to download from the Graphic 2.0 daily build, right?

So in the normal daily build I still can use all the old Graphic 1.0 ?

@bpran, correct. The main daily builds are using the 1.0 engine. I posted more info here: