Gumbo still alive??

Hey all, I just took a quick glance at the last post dates and see they’re like in March!

@Nerderer: You still rocking on Gumbo? I tried checking it out on Chrome and in IE but it balked at me having to install Silverlight. Then I clicked “install silverlight” and it said I had the same version already installed??! :expressionless:

Hope you’re still rocking it! [import]uid: 11636 topic_id: 12069 reply_id: 312069[/import]

Gumbo is currently on hold.

I have some other projects I’m working on (plus it’s summer, so I try to be outside for once).

Most of the functions that I thought were needed are implemented, and the intention was never to make such an advanced tool as some of the other tools out there. Gumbo was simply the missing tool when I created it, now there are several other options available. My next update will probably be when Silverlight 5 is released, which should be quite soon. It’ll bring some fixes that can’t be done with Silverlight 4.

I can’t explain why it complains about Silverlight. Have you tried visiting other sites that use Silverlight? [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 12069 reply_id: 44751[/import]

Oh glad to hear. I actually built a tool to do what I was planning to do with Gumbo anyway, so that worked out great. As far as Silverlight not working for me, I’ll try out some other sites to see if it’s my install. I tried uninstalling all my silverlight stuff (my silverlight dev stuff too) but didn’t check gumbo yet.

I can live without it (Though I look forward to any future releases!!)

Appreciate the response!

Mario [import]uid: 11636 topic_id: 12069 reply_id: 44769[/import]

Nerderer, why not just opensource this? You can still control it! I’d contribute for sure.
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