Handling bugs with Android x64 and target SDK 28

Handling bugs with Android x64 and target SDK 28:

First of all, download the latest build for you OS: Windows, macOS.
Note, that this links are for 2019.3512 and may be outdated, since testing is public. Check out download page for latest daily builds.

For long log outputs, please, use https://pastebin.com

Try building your application and launch it.
If you have build problem:
If the build fails, turn on detailed build logging:
On Windows, from the cmd.exe command prompt or Power Shell:

reg ADD "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ansca Corona\Corona Simulator\Preferences" /f /v debugBuildProcess /d 5

On macOS from the Terminal:

defaults write com.coronalabs.Corona_Simulator debugBuildProcess -int 5

Build again and create a new thread with contents of Corona Console Log window and the contents of your build.settings (please, use pastebin for both).
To revert verbose build logging, replace last digit 5 with 0 and run the commands again.
If your application crashes on launch/during work:
Provide a logcat log (again, please, use pastebin for the log). To obtain the log:
On Windows:
Press Windows Key + R, type CMD and press return. This would start a command line prompt.
In command prompt paste (rightclick, “paste”)

"%AppData%\Corona Labs\Corona Simulator\Android Build\sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe" logcat

This should start logging. Press Control-C to stop the log
On macOS: open the Terminal.app, and run

/Applications/Corona-3512/Corona\ Simulator.app/Contents/Resources/device-support/adb logcat

This should start showing logging from your device in the terminal. Before starting the app press ⌘K, to clear the output, start the app, make it crash, and press Control+C in terminal, to stop the log.
Copy the contents of the terminal.CMD and make a post with it pastebin,.com
Please do not add any additional filtering to the adb logcat command.

Known issues:
android.minSdkVersion in build.settings entry is ignored.

Known issues for Windows:
If your user name or path to project or output directory contains non-ascii symbols or UTF-8 characters (not from a-z) your build may fail.

If your app name contains non-ascii symbols, the build will succeed, but output app file name will be App.apk. Install in manually and test it. It will have proper name on the real device.

To sum up! Please use separate threads for each unique problem. Use pastebin.com (or similar) to post long console logs, build.settings or other large outputs. Please use this forum instead of other topics about Android 64-bit.

The Corona Team

@Rob and @Vlads, the Kochava plugin is now initializing in 64-bit. Thank you.

APK works fine but AAB uploaded to test on Google Play doesn’t launch.

It happens with any app. No plugins at all.

See the results


@Rob, @Vlads, now I’m trying to use the .aab file generated by the new 64-bit version. To do this, I need to enroll in Google Play App Signing. However, @RomingGamer stated that App Signing is NOT supported by Corona (https://forums.coronalabs.com/topic/74697-signing-a-new-android-app-with-app-signing-with-google-play/?hl=%2Bgoogle+%2Bapp+%2Bsigning)

Will Corona supprot this with the 64-bit version and .aab? If so, how do I generate an encrypted keystore file? I’ve followed all possible options in the Google Play console and the java pepk.jar will not recognize myGame.keystore file for input.

I only included this issue in this thread because it is the result of the new .aab file generated by Corona build 3498, 64-bit. And until we have a solution, I’m not sure we should separate it from other issues pertaining to the new 64-bit version, IMHO.

I just realized that I’m going to use Build 3490 to keep creating 32-bit apps as long as possible. Why?

Google’s requirement eliminates all potential app customers who use Android 8 and lower.

From August 2019, new apps must target at least Android 9.0 (API level 28).
From November 2019, app updates must target Android 9.0 (API level 28).

Please create separate threads for new questions. I’m locking this thread, please re-ask the questions above in their own threads.