Has anyone successfully created a storyboard launch screen using Xcode15+?

I am wondering if anyone has successfully created a Launch Screen storyboard in 2024 using Xcode15+? either using the tutorial provided by solar2d (Solar2D Documentation — Developer Guides | Building/Distribution) to edit the provided launchscreen project? or by making there own?

All of my attempts have resulted in Xcode crashes. At this point even just a launch screen that was black would be acceptable.

I have read that the launch screen is a requirement for IOS 13+, and UILaunchImages are being deprecated. UILaunchImages | Apple Developer Documentation

I was able to find a workaround. After launching Corona Emulator, I selected Create new project. In the newly created project I found a launchscreen.storyboardc file. I was able to open and edit this file using Xcode 15.2. I was able to export it as a package without Xcode crashing.