Hello everyone , i finally done my first game on CoronaSdk

Hello, i want to tell about  my game , which i started  do about 2 mounth ago.So , let’s go!

For start , i wanted to make some cool game on android , which been love everyone. I found engine called “Unity”(please dont beat me by sticks , i have not reason ad this engine , just my story).After time i  understood , my game have big problem with optimise .Game has lags , and i could not found decision for the problem

When i abandoned project , i start finding a engine , which will can help me with game.After many articles about engines, i found this engine.After tests , i understand - its best decision for me.This engine haven’t problem with optimize , and i wanted create only 2D game.Also , write code very simple on Lua (before i wrote my game on C#)

I wanted to create simple game , which be simple for all . Result you will seen in down(link on game)

I could make  the game faster , if i don’t do stupid errors in code.Most problem i has with monetization , and trying import the game on my old smartphone(useless).

Now you see the result.Please , write your opinion about the game , and give me tips to make game better


My game - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >


First : congrats for your first game! Well done! Corona is great !
About the game :
1.you need to fix your english.
2.not clear at all how to play and the tutorial does not help.
But please do not feel disapointed ,practice makes perfection.