Hello everyone

I am the least technical person I can think of, but I hope to manage to build some games with corona. For that, I will definitely need some help (tks in advance!). I try to make my questions as concise as possible. 


Hopefully in some time to come, I’ll be able to help others out as well.





What’s up with this post? It’s identical to this one from back in January: https://forums.coronalabs.com/topic/74811-hello-everyone/

Probably a spammer. I don’t have time to google the text of every post held in moderation to see if it’s a bot reposting old content.


I don’t think that anyone has the time to google such things, which is good.

I just happened to remember this particular post because I found the original post to be weirdly worded and seeing it again jogged my memory.

I am new here, too.