Hello World Example console errors on iPad Mini 6th gen


I have jumped back into development of Corona recently after a 7 years away.
I have been checking out some example apps and testing them out on my new iPad Mini 6th gen (iOS 17.4.1).

Anyway when I build the hello world app using Corona SDK 2024.3706 and Xcode 15.2 and I run it on my iPad, I see a bunch of errors in the iPad console.

To capture the log:
I access the console Xcode → Window → Devices and Simulators (select my iPad) → open console
add a filter for helloworld and then hit start
I launch the helloworld app on my iPad
then I hit pause on the console log screen.

Here are the errors:

|error|13:57:26.714978-0400|kernel|Sandbox: HelloWorld(6563) deny(1) sysctl-read kern.bootargs|
|error|13:57:26.732783-0400|kernel|Sandbox: HelloWorld(6563) deny(2) file-test-existence /usr/bin/swift-backtrace|
|error|13:57:26.732795-0400|kernel|Sandbox: HelloWorld(6563) deny(2) file-test-existence /usr/bin/arm64e|
|error|13:57:26.804989-0400|kernel|Sandbox: HelloWorld(6563) deny(1) sysctl-read kern.bootargs|
|error|13:57:27.287125-0400|backboardd|ignoring connection; bundleID is missing (or invalid) from the attributes: IOHIDEventSystemConnection uuid:EB1720E3-55D9-431E-8427-A8EE37C511AD pid:6563 process:HelloWorld type:Passive entitlements:0x0 caller:PencilKit: <redacted> + 108 attributes:(null) state:0x0 events:0 mask:0x0 dropped:0 dropStatus:0 droppedMask:0x0 lastDroppedTime:NONE|

I have attached the full log:

Helloworld-consolelog.rtf (23.8 KB)

Hi Phillipbligh4,

welcome back.

Which example apps do you tested? Any Link to the Examples, it would be helpful :slight_smile:

Hello Kao14,

Thanks. It is good to be back.

I noticed that there are quite a few example projects that come with Solar2d when it is installed.
I have loaded some of the examples into the simulator and built them to test on my iPad.

I am trying to make sure that I have everything about the build process and tools working correctly before I go back to updating and troubleshooting my own app.

In this case it is the HelloWorld example code that I was testing out. I ran others but this seemed like the most basic.
I provided a screenshot to the location of the Sample Code from CornaSDK that I am using on my Mac.

Anyway, I am wondering if anyone else runs into the same errors that I have. The app seems to load and display an image as it intendeds. The app does not crash but the console errors have me concerned. So I am wondering if anyone else sees these same errors when they run on a device?