Help! Ebook App

Hi guys, 

So I recently posted here asking for some help referring to some coding of an eBook I was trying to set up. I seem to have hit quite a wall. I believe the problem was because I started the wrong way about it. So basically does anyone know the best way for me to turn a book I’ve written in Microsoft Word into an app using obviously the Corona SDK. I’ve looked through and couldn’t find much. Also a lot of other tutorials seem only interested in creating interactive eBooks for the Apple market. I’m aiming at android and just want to create a scrollable representation of my book. All the content is there, I just need to stick it in an app, sign it to protect it (which I need to work out later) and whack it up for distribution. ANY help would be greatly appreciate, I’ll even put your name in the acknowledgements lol!

Cheers guys,