HELP NEEDE: How to remove old tracks / versions / apk in Google Dev Console?

I have this “how to” email from Google but am not able to remove any of the old uploaded tracks (test) or apk or bundles.

Any help welcome on how to remove old uploaded game versions from the console!

The reason: I get a warning from Google because of the Flurry SDK and now have removed it completely but can not create a new test track because some of the older versions on the console are still using Flurry and I have no idea on how to remove them.

Thanks for your help

I’ve had similar warnings. I don’t think you can remove them, you have to just upload the newer version to all the tracks with old versions that are triggering the warnings.

Because all the various alpha and beta tracks have the “Promote to Production” option, Google still considers them live. There is no way to delete them, so you need to overwrite them in those tracks to get them to stop triggering that warning.

You can also make a new release in those tracks, don’t add an AAB and name the build “blank”. This will remove that track.

Thx for all the fast answers. I tried to add blank “builds” but here (see image) it does not seem to remove the old stuff and I still can see the warnings for the flurry SDK.

Can anyone please explain on how to move on from here (screenshot) to remove all the old versions?

Thank you!

Be sure to upload the new builds to all the tracks that have old builds with the flurry sdk. Alpha, Beta, Internal Testing, etc

You can’t remove the old versions, you just need to upload newer ‘fixed’ versions

Thx for your help!

I tried (see screenshot above) with build 64 (5.1) where I did remove the Flurry SDK completely… but still got the warning messages for an older build… but can not find other builds like the ones listed here in “Open Tests”.

Did I miss something maybe?

Did you release/promote to production yet?

The last build not. Do I have to? Is it not possible to fix this inside the “Open Tests” area?

Yes. As stated before. Update ALL tracks with the new version.

If you haven’t pushed the update to production, then your existing production release still contains the Flurry SDK. Until you update ALL the tracks that have the flurry sdk, you will receive that message.

Okay. Thx.
But why can I not update the “Open Tests” track?
I want to test the new build before I want to move anything to production.

I don’t know. I see a ‘blank’ so i’m gussing you followed this.

I don’t know how to get around that, but you can test from another track and promote to production from other tracks as well.

Thanks again.

I still have problems with this because whenever I upload a new version WITHOUT flurry it afterwards send me an email still finding flurry in an older version. Testers (using the link for Android under the testers lab for the new track) only can download the older online version from Google Play.

How can i test the new uploaded version? This is driving me crazy.

AND the new version automatic online check is now having errors for “stability” showing this error:
at androidx.profileinstaller.ProfileVerifier.writeProfileVerification(Unknown Source:0)

Can anyone tell me what can cause this?

Thx again!

This is what I’ve had to do to find rogue bundles that are giving me policy violations. Hopefully it works for you:

  • Go to your Developer Console and click on “App Bundle Explorer” you will see every aab and apk you’ve ever uploaded.
  • To the right is “Release Status”. The last couple you’ve uploaded will probably show “Active”, while the rest will show “Inactive”. Page back through the explorer, and you should find some older aab/apk that is unexpectedly “Active”.
  • Give the arrow on the far right of the active aab/apk a click and you will be taken to its details page.
  • Under “Releases”, click “Show Details” and it will tell you in what track that aab/apk is still active. (Probably something like “Closed Testing”.)
  • Go to that track and upload a new bundle.

Thanks for this detailed help!
I did and only have found another active aab BUT it is the published one. All other aab/apk’s seem to be set to inactive… just the last test version I have uploaded and the one in published is set to active right now. :frowning:

Or just go to policy status, expand the warning and it will show you which builds/bundles are in violation.

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