Help on Zwoptex

Hi I just downloaded Zwoptex and everytime I play my sprite it just sows how I display my sprite and blinks but does not animate

[code] local test = require (“game2”)
local data = test.getSpriteSheetData()
local game = sprite.newSpriteSheetFromData( “hells2.png”, data )

– Defining the sprite we’re going to be using
local heroset = sprite.newSpriteSet (game, 1, 3)
sprite.add (heroset, “hero”, 1, 3, 2000, 0)

local heli = sprite.newSprite (heroset)
heli.x = 160
heli.y = 100
heli.hit = “heli”
physics.addBody(heli,{bounce = 0, radius = 20})

This is what I have anyone please help [import]uid: 17058 topic_id: 22578 reply_id: 322578[/import]

Not to be mean but I felt like I wasted my money on the Zwoptex, because it gives the same problem as if I don’t use Zwoptex. I thought purchasing it would solve my problem. Can anyone please solve this annoying problem [import]uid: 17058 topic_id: 22578 reply_id: 89986[/import]