HID output with Solar 2D

I’m trying to get my iPhone to output as an HID device. I want the output from my phone to simulate keyboard and mouse events - basically emulating a USB HID keyboard and mouse. To simplify and avoid bluetooth for now I picturing a USB cable from my phone to my computer.

Has anyone attempted a project like this or have any hunches. I found some LUA HID libraries on GitHub but maybe someone has already attempted what I’m contemplating?

When I was looking at this a while back the only way to send HID commands to other devices on iOS was through the iOKit. So technically somebody could wrap these commands in Lua, but at the time any app that used iOKit was banned from the store. I can’t find anywhere if that restriction was lifted. It would be easier to emulate a Bluetooth keyboard in my opinion.

I think you are right about that. I was hoping to avoid bluetooth, dang.

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