Dear all, this is my very first time approaching the solard2d world and generally the programming of app.
I made a very simple game, using tutorials as demo as a base. No plug-ins in it.
I built the. abb file and, before that, used the keytool to prepare the related files.
I used Google playconsole to upload on playstore (fee payment done).
After few hours received back mail with:


Your app(s) are using an unsafe implementation of the HostnameVerifier interface. You can find more information about how resolve the issue in this [Google Help Center article] giving me time until may 2021.
What I am supposed to do? Thank for your patience. !|240x500


I’m getting the exact same warning!
I’m using a couple of plugins though (“plugin.notifications” and “” …

I’m also using “network.request” to communicate with a regular http: page (not https:) - don’t know if that is the problem?

Is there anyway we can set hostnameVerifier to only allow trafic from one page … Think I remember I had to set something up in build.settings to make this work in iOS appStore?

Embarrassing enough … It seems like at least my problem was that I forgot to uncheck “Create Live Build” when building my Android .apk file

… So now I’m left with a “Cleartext traffic allowed for all domains” warning

I have the same issue. Any insights? I can’t find anything online on how to resolve this for Solar2D. I have no plugins, so I assume its something in the Core? Are there updated game templates or something that fixes this?