How can I get a detailed error message in released version?

I have set neverStripDebugInfo = true in build.settings, but I still can’t get the detailed error message.

What I got is:

?:0: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
?: in function ‘?’
?: in function ‘?’
?: in function <?:220>

Where do you get that stack trace from a released version?

Are you using some kind of third party service to collect crash reports and provide stack traces? If not, you should consider doing so. I’m using Flurry for this, easy to integrate and works just fine:

Unless I remember wrong, you get that error when you have a syntax error. In other words, there’s something that prevents your code from being compiled or run altogether, so you don’t get to the stage where you’d be presented with a more detailed error message.

For example, just having a random letter somewhere will cause that, e.g.

local x

Having y there is a syntax error and gives the same error message as yours. In these cases, you’ll just need to find the cause. In these cases, you should debug by going through what you’ve added since that error first occurred.

I uploaded the error to my own server.