How can I know if Apple or Google testing in-app purchase?

Does anyone know how we can detect if an in-app purchase occured from Google or Apple testing the in-app purchase within the app? How can I tell the difference between a real customer spending money vs. Google or Apple testing?

I have never had a test sale that resulted in actual recorded payment. They would be losing millions of dollars if the actually paid for every test and people would just submit updates to daily to get paid for the testing.

So if you see money in your account from a sale then it probably wasn’t testing.

To be more clear, my database is recording about 25% more completed transactions than Apple is reporting. There is NO WAY for the database to be populated until after the in-app purchase callback returns with “purchased”, so I know my data is right. But my thinking was, is Apple testing my app’s in-app purchase functionality on some kind of regular basis, and not showing those transactions, although my game records them?

Apple isn’t testing anything on your app after is is released/updated. They often don’t even really test once while reviewing. i.e. I’ve seen them not test IAP on many occasions.

I think some of their staff get worn out or are just over worked.

In any case, (I am pretty sure) they are not running random tests on apps that are live in the store. That would cause all kinds of havoc.

@roaminggamer, thank you - you have confirmed what I suspected. But I still can’t understand why the sales revenue numbers in App Analytics are 25% below my numbers; I’m not looking at my keep, I’m looking at the overall spend. Any ideas?

I’m not sure if I got it right but overall revenue could be lower in terms of $$ because of local / regional pricing.

It also could be that hackers found a way to trick your app. Are you using receipt validation? In any case 25% is very high of a percentage for hackers.

So after I get “purchased” callback, there is another step to do receipt validation? Can you direct me how to do?

These are the ones that I know of from the top of my head. I have not tried them all.
TapjoyIntall Plugin (mine. I think it still downloads from the market place if not let me know).
GameSpark: What I use in most of my games.
GameAnalytics: Send the receipt validation request with json api.
Flurry: (i have a plugin that does it)

These are attribution partners or ad providers; I’m using Kochava and their plugin. My question isn’t where to send the receipt, it’s where is the receipt in the purchase data that Apple sends us?



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