How I built a simple and addictive mobile game in less than two days

In this video, I will talk a little bit about how I built a simple and addictive mobile game in under two days using a game engine called Solar2D.

The game isn’t very complicated, but I like how a simple game play like this can be fun.

If you help me to share this video so it gets over 1000 views, I will create a new video where I build the game from scratch and showing you line by line how you can build it your self.

Solar2D is a cross platform game engine based on a language called Lua. This is a very simple game engine to get started with and it’s free! So if you want to get started with developing games for iOS and Android, Solar2D is a great choice. Many popular games like Fun Run, Ava Airborne, Zip Zap and The Lost City has been built using this game engine.

Link to YouTube video:


That’s a nice start for Solar2D tutorials. Hoping to see you build the game from scratch. Good luck!

Thank you :slight_smile: I will be posting more Solar2D tutorials on the channel. I hope it will inspire more people to build games using it :slight_smile:

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