How to change the status bar color in Android with solar2D

How to set full screen or change the status bar with white color in Solar2D?
Please help me. Thanks!

Is that what you are looking for?

Not change background status bar. It’s color black.

I want full screen with samsung device. I user but my app still has the status bar. An article from the Android Blog says that use the code below to display it on a larger screen

How to set activity on build.settings

Hi @Trung_Kien_Tran

Maybe this helps

display.setStatusBar( display.HiddenStatusBar ) --Hide status bar from the beginning
if system.getInfo (“androidApiLevel”) and
system.getInfo (“androidApiLevel”) < 19 then
native.setProperty (“androidSystemUiVisibility”, “lowProfile”)
native.setProperty (“androidSystemUiVisibility”, “immersiveSticky”)

Code above comes from Differenti versioni di telefoni android

Have a nice day:)

I don’t know if this fixes your issue but to set the values you mention in the documentation.

All in build settings:

    android =
            coronaActivityFlags =
                maxAspectRatio = "2.4",
    resizableActivity = "false"


    applicationChildElements =
                    <meta-data android:name="android.max_aspect" android:value="2.4"/>

It doesn’t work

I’m learning solar2d.
I’ve changed background with this code:
display.setStatusBar( display.DefaultStatusBar )

local background = display.newRect(display.contentCenterX, display.contentCenterY, display.contentWidth, display.safeActualContentHeight + display.topStatusBarContentHeight)

background:setFillColor( 0, 0, 255 )