How to display solar2D icon on my device

I want to see the solar2D icon on my device, instead of “ICON”. What png file and where should it be included. Thanks for a great game engine.

Thanks bgmadclown for your reply. I failed to mention the real need is to have the solar2D icon as a shortcut to my app, rather than an empty “ICON”.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. Can you elaborate a little bit? What device are you on? What is the shortcut you are trying to create?

Sorry for the confusion. I developed my app on a galaxy S21 phone under Corona. After compiling the app there was a Corona icon a pinned shortcut on the phone’s home screen. Since compiling my app under solar2D on the same device the solar2D “star” icon does not show correctly. Instead it is a blank sqcircle with the word “ICON” in the center. My question is what png file and where in the app build files it it inserted.
Thanks for your help.

Icon.png in the same folder as main.lua.

Thanks for your input. However I have included the solar2D icon in all sizes in the same folder where main is located but still nothing.

Can you share a screenshot from that folder? I’m guessing this is a naming issue with the characters used like Icon vs icon type.

you would want to replace the icon files

and make sure you resize them in the following folders:


Chris_raz thank you so much for your input.
Changes work great. And bgmadclown thank you for making forums work.