How to downgrade to older simulator version ?

Because of a problem (see #169) I have a need to install an older version (2020.3618) on my Windows PC which has currently 2021.3657 but the installation is terminated with the message “A newer version of Corona is already installed”. I need this so that I can build an Android app for personal use that will not be published on any App Store.
What can I do to bypass this problem ?

Why do not change then Publish Platform to “none”?

Uninstall 3657 and then install 3618.

I did, it worked, I should have thought about this myself as I could have done this on the virtual system I used to identify which release does not show the problem.

Thanks for you help.

I included that last sentence just in case somebody would come up with the problems of getting an older version through an app store. I have been building with “none” already, the problem is issue #169 that was reported a year ago.